Welcome to NAME Minneapolis,2016

NAME Golden Jubilee 2016 promises to be another opportunity for extending and deepening the foundations of this 50-year organization! As you come together to share work-related insights and to re-establish friend-fueled connections, we hope you will also take time to enjoy the beauty of Minneapolis! Our city just sparkles in September! From the beginning of fall foliage to the ending of summer-sun shimmers on its many waterways, this is our favorite time of year in Minneapolis and we are so excited that you will get to enjoy it, too!

The NAME schedule itself is jam-packed, of course, with scientific sessions and planning meetings. Fun optional NAME events like the special NAME Foundation Outreach Fundraiser, the Rigor Run, the Cadaver Golf Tournament, Ask the Chiefs Breakfast, the Femme Fatale luncheon, and a 90th birthday hurrah for Dr. Tom Noguchi, will certainly keep calendars filled with things to do.

But, if you are looking for more to do, or if you are traveling with a non-NAME-support-crew who is looking for things to do, we invite you to check out a small sampling of activities and events! It is not “official” NAME-sponsored fun but it is fun stuff even so. Check out The Social Group Events link for activities that highlight some of the brightest spots in Minneapolis: from a tour of the Swedish Institute to a special docent-led tour of the Minneapolis Institute of Art to balancing on a Segway to sampling food along the skyway system of Minneapolis, I have tried to arrange optional outings during the NAME meeting. Please contact me for additional information and to reserve your spots for any of the Social Group Events. My contact info is:

Peggy Baker


Between now and the meeting in September, relax and rest up! It is going to be a busy, packed, super-charged time at The Golden Jubilee!

Enjoy it all!

Peggy and Andy Baker